Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Google Image Searches for the Discouraged or Faint of Heart

Ladies and Gentlemen, this blogging thing is fabulous. I loved reading the comments about how people handle to-do lists in a variety of ways, and for a variety of purposes, and some of you even messaged or texted me your to-do lists! At the risk of sounding creepy, I'd like for that to happen all the time.

Sometimes, even with a well-crafted to-do list, however, time and energy can get away from you. You slump there, on the sofa, wondering whether your dog secretly hates you* and whether you should just curl up and eat brown sugar out of the box.** That is when it is time to do an image search on Google of something that will lift your spirits. Here is a list of phrases that I have found to give consistently heartening results when typed into a Google Images search box:

1. goat sweater (this is my all-time favorite)
2. dogs sitting like people
3. adorable vegetables
4. implausible shoes
5. hugs (this one is really cheesy. I am just warning you.)
6. book house

EDIT: I recently googled "kittens in hats" and found this!

As far as I am concerned, the only thing wrong with this list is how short it is. What image searches do YOU find to be excellent?

* He does not.
** You should not. You will feel sick after. Trust me.


  1. My comment is that I was actually just last night for the first time ever debating eating brown sugar out of the box. Also maple syrup out of a shot glass. I didn't.

    1. I applaud your decision! As a kind of consolation prize, I just Google image-searched "tiny monsters that look like brown sugar" so I could link you to the results but I don't actually recommend doing this either. The results were ... unexpectedly tentacley.

  2. Whenever I have to search our classified ads for work, I search "husky puppies". Boring, but it brightens a work day.

    1. Excellent plan. Husky puppy also sounds like a term of endearment.