Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Often Carry (but not everyday)

As a follow-up to my everyday carry post of two weeks ago, here's the stuff I often have with me, but that I do not consider essential to leaving the home:

My items are not organized neatly enough for Things Organized Neatly
Starting at the top and moving clockwise, they are:

  • A ballpoint pen. 
  • A travel container of two spice mixes in case of culinary disappointment - Penzeys Lemon Pepper (so good) and Penzeys Galena Street Rub (also so good).
  • Travel tissues. 
  • In-ear headphones, held tidy with a binder clip. 
  • A case that used to hold contact lenses and now holds a sewing kit, earplugs, bobby pins, etc. 
  • A small vial of assorted painkillers. 
  • Pencil.

... served on a bed of notebook. The notebook used to contain merely my two-column to-do lists for two days and a lot of other paper, but since I started my new tracking systems, now contains a week's worth of to do lists, an ephemera page and my spending for the month.


  1. Your expanded carry is still so little! Here is mine, from the very end of last year: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vermilionink/6632497703/

    I envy your ability to read books on the phone, and, well, knitting is just going to be a bulky hobby no matter what (at least wool is usually light!). My expanded carry is essentially my daily carry. I'm rarely going out just for one thing, it's almost guaranteed to be the whole day out, and my bag is my trusty anti-boredom survival kit. Because stuck on the subway with a dead phone and no backup book is never allowed to happen to me. Ever.

  2. it's true that knitting is bulky, but it does seem conveniently portable! Collage isn't, really. I have tried travelling with sketchbooks, origami paper, fimo clay ... but none of those are FOR transit.

    I have a couple fingerpainting apps on my phone, too.

  3. did the travel container come with the spice mixes or was it acquired separately?

  4. I really enjoy the spices idea. I might have to add it to my own semi-necessaries. Sometimes we're in a big hurry and have to eat stuff like McD's. Or we get to a sale (where we are basically trapped for a long time) and realize the deli put no salt or pepper on my egg sandwich.

  5. Ali and Sasha - the container itself is standard camping equipment - Chris got it for me at EMS years ago, but I'm sure you could find something similar by searching for "camping salt and pepper shaker" or something.

    I used to also carry some of those little paper packets of salt and pepper that get tossed in to-go bags, but I found I rarely used them because the Penzeys mixes are so much better.