Monday, March 4, 2013

Filing for the classes I teach - Work in progress.

Ladies and gentlemen, the system I am about to discuss is TOTALLY a work in progress. I welcome thoughts and suggestions.

I used to make three files for each class every semester (I'll use 101 as an example) - 101 Spring 2012 extras and originals, 101 Spring 2012 student work and 101 Spring 2012 notes.

This semester I have changed my system. NOW I keep one folder per course that is semester-specific: 101 Spring 2012 student work and extra copies of handouts; and one folder per course that is a perennial: 101- notes, teaching copies and originals of handouts. That way I can store the student work and recycle the extra copies easily at the end of each semester while keeping easy access to the handouts and teaching copies and notes I reuse semester after semester.

BUT IS THIS THE BEST WAY? I welcome your thoughts.


  1. I am definitely out of my depth here - when my parents brought a pile of my ancient tax returns to NYC for me to take custody of them, their bulk taxed my one file box to such an extent that my pathetic excuse for a system has been thrown all out of whack, thus highlighting my own tenuous grip on organization...

    1. Having fewer pieces of paper does not mean being worse at filing! I am revising my system partly to drastically reduce the amount of paper I keep and then never reuse...