Monday, March 18, 2013

More on Money

Last month, I blogged about a system for tracking expenses and my friends Sasha and Emily* mentioned some great ideas in the comments. I decided that I would list here some of the shifts I've made to be more mindful of my spending. I am also still really interested in any of your tips and tricks!

Changes in Mindset: 

  • Consider cooking and mending to be hobbies. They are free and rewarding AND save money. 
  • Avoid rushed decisions. "Let me check and get back to you!" is a totally acceptable response when invited to plans that may or may not fit into my budget. 
  • Walking instead of taking the subway is good for my wallet, my health, and my love of the city. 
  • Inviting friends over for an activity instead of meeting to eat a meal in a restaurant is ACTUALLY AWESOME.  For instance, I had my friends Jesse and Sarah over and we MADE CHEESE AND THEN ATE IT. 
Pictures by Sarah Brown who now seems as addicted to this collage -making app as I am. 

Changes in Habit: 
  • When I'm reading online, I leave a tab open to the New York Public Library page and just add things to my holds list as they appeal to me. Novels, comics, movies, music - all available for free. 
  • I still do much of my shopping online, but I am building the habit of checking sites like for online coupons and discount codes before making any purchases. 
  • I am also trying to plan ahead for purchases more successfully. For instance, after this week I'll know what books I will teach in the fall semester. I should order desk copies in April to avoid paying for the books at the last minute because I forget to order desk copies in time.
  • Relatedly, I really need to keep better track of my travel budget at work because once that is exhausted I don't get reimbursed for conference expenses. Perhaps I'll devote a page in my long-term planning notebook to this. 
* You can tell the difference between that Emily and me because that Emily is tall and blonde and has a law degree and has run a 5k. 

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  1. Your tips here will be of great help to those who want to save money! I know how hard it is to control spending, especially when you’re used to spending a lot, but it is worth a try. I remember the shopaholic me a year ago and I had to cut down my shopping expenses since I decided to buy my house. It was TOO hard, but I managed to do it in the end. Thanks to my financial advisor and to that big motivation to own a house. :D

    + Ermentrude Glass +